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The Saskatchewan Building Officials Association (SBOA)

  • Is the provincial certification body for the Alliance of Canadian Building Officials Associations’ National Certification Program
  • Is a member of the Alliance of Canadian Building Officials Associations
  • Has adopted the National Certification Program as the model for the provincial certification program
  • Is the link for Saskatchewan Building Officials to National Certification
  • Recognizes Building Official Licensing as set out in the Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act as the right-to-practice program for building officials in Saskatchewan

Candidates that obtain a CERTIFIED stage may use the designation "Certified Canadian Building Official" or CCBO. Candidates that obtain all CERTIFIED stages may use the designation "Canadian Registered Building Official" or CRBO.

SBOA Certification Program Details

Program Objective

  • Advance the skills of building officials in Saskatchewan 
  • Develop more consistent and knowledgeable enforcement of building statutes and regulations in Saskatchewan 
  • Develop new training and continuing education opportunities for building officials


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Certification Program Implementation

November 14, 2007 
OTTAWA -- Buildings in Canada will become safer than ever for Canadians and their families as a new professional certification program for Building Officials gets underway. For the first time, Building Officials - the people who review all plans and inspect homes, apartments, hospitals, office towers, shopping malls, and many other types of buildings to make sure they comply with current building codes -- will be certified to a National Standard as qualified professionals.

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