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SBOA Certification Program Details

Program Objective

  • Advance the skills of building officials in Saskatchewan 
  • Develop more consistent and knowledgeable enforcement of building statutes and regulations in Saskatchewan 
  • Develop new training and continuing education opportunities for building officials 
  • Create a certification program that is rigorous, defensible, credible, and relevant 
  • Make certification achievable for trained and experienced building officials in Saskatchewan 

The National Certification Program

  • Was developed over several years by Building Officials from across Canada, with significant contributions of time and funding by the Saskatchewan Building Officials Association 
  • Was funded by the Government of Canada, through Human Resources and Development Canada, and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, with development guidance by The Construction Sector Council 
  • Is based on the National Occupational Standard for Building Officials 
  • Requires a combination of training and practical experience 
  • Can be achieved in one or more of three specialties
    • Housing 
    • Part 9 
    • Part 3 
  • Has two stages for each specialty – Associate and Certified 
    • The Associate Stage is achieved through training and successful completion of exams 
    • The Certified Stage is achieved through practical experience 
  • Requires membership in good standing with an ACBOA affiliated Provincial Association (SBOA), which includes ongoing compliance with the Provincial Association’s Code of Conduct, and provincial maintenance programs.