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Education & Training

Recognized Training Programs

The Education committee has been working diligently with members from the Building Standards Unit and the Southeast Regional College to re-develop/update the existing BCTC course for 2010 and develop new classroom based curriculum that will be recognized by the province for Class 2 and Class 3 Building Official Licenses. The project has set tight timelines and aims to roll out the new BCTC curriculum in summer of 2011 and new curriculum for Class 2 courses in the winter of 2011.

Building Code Training For Canadians - Home Study Course

This course continues to be in high demand. Being the only formal education currently recognized for any class of building official's license in Saskatchewan it provides an excellent self study program that upon successful completion provides the education and licensing exam requirements to receive a class 1 building official's license.

For more information and registration please contact Sherry Jensen at the Southeast Regional College.

Four/Five Day Training Courses

Starting in 2006 the SBOA has offered a number of courses to further the education and training of building officials and others interested. These courses are based on those that were developed for the Alliance of Canadian Building Officials Associations (ACBOA) and its National Certification and Accreditation Model for Professional Building Officials.

Over the past number of years the SBOA has held two courses per year. The courses are selected based on the concensus of our membership and held over four or five days in February of each year. Training is facilitated in a classroom setting with exams held on the final day. Certificates are provided to those that participate in the coursesand pass the exams. These courses form part of the requirements for certification under the National Certification and Accreditation Model for Professional Building Officials through ACBOA.

Class 1 Courses

Building Code Training for Canadians Series One - Register Today

Class 2 Courses

Part 9 Structural Requirements
Part 9 Plan Examination
Part 9 HVAC and Fire Protection
Part 9 Building Classification

Class 3 Courses

Large Building Classification and Construction
Egress, Exits and Fire Safety Requirements - Part 1
Egress, Exits and Fire Safety Requirements - Part 2 (Health and Safety Requirements)
Part 3 Plan Examination
Life Safety Systems
Fire Protection