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Code Adoption UBAS Amendment Regulations Review

Saskatchewan is proposing to adopt the National Building Code 2015 and the National Fire Code 2015 for full implementation on July 1, 2017. To meet the needs of certain Saskatchewan programs that benefit people and industry, a number of provisions specific to Saskatchewan’s needs have been developed as amendments to both the NBC 2015 and the NFC 2015. Those amendments are detailed in the attached documents.

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Alternative Compliance Model Consultation

On October 8, 2015, a consultation package regarding a provincial government initiative pursuing an Alternative Compliance Model for Building and Accessibility Standards (ACM) was distributed by the Chief Building Official in the Saskatchewan Ministry of Government Relations.  The Government is pursuing an initiative that does not allow for any objective review of plans or on-site inspections.  The current building code enforcement system will be obsolete where owners (their decision, not the Municipality's) choose the ACM.  Local Authorities will have no role or say in plan review, and the code enforcement program will not include any on-site inspections. The Local Authority's role in "enforcement" will be reduced to chasing owners and their consultants for paper and signatures.

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Presentation: BC Building & Safety Standards Branch – Building Regulatory Modernization

Ministry’s proposals for a modern building regulatory system. These proposals were developed to address issues--identified over the past 24 years in these system reviews--that remain unresolved. The proposals discussed are designed to respond to the needs of a broad range of stakeholders, including local governments. 

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White Paper Report: BC Building & Safety Standards Branch – Building Regulatory Modernization

The building regulatory system has been the subject of several major Provincial reviews over the past 25 years. Reviews have led to more accountability for complex building design and construction on the part of architects and engineers and better protection for homeowners.

The Modernization Strategy, which began in 2004, made recommendations to improve the system’s effectiveness after extensive stakeholder consultation. However, as priorities shifted to ‘greening’ the Building Code and developing new Code provisions for mid-rise wood-frame construction, implementation of these recommendations was deferred.

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