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Fall 2016 Newsletter

President’s Report - SBOA Fall Conference 2016

It has once again been an extremely busy past six months on the SBOA front. Your Association continues to work towards many goals and new initiatives.

Keeping in mind all our objectives, it is important for this Association to continue to seek out new roles to support our industry and strive for consistent code application in the Province. And that we continue to play a leading role in the advancement of skills and education for our members.

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Spring 2016 Newsletter

President’s Report - SBOA Spring Conference 2016

It has been an extremely busy and challenging past six months in the world of building officials. We were challenged with, and impacted in huge ways, by the provincial government’s pull towards putting the wants and needs of owners’ ahead of well established and appropriate code enforcement systems. Systems that have always allowed for local authorities to fulfill their duty of care and regulate construction for public safety. This was demonstrated by two initiatives, the Alternative Compliance Model, and the revised Farm Building Advisory. I, like all building officials, have invested in the belief that we have a significant role to play in public safety. I am very proud of how we vigorously defended our position through these new government initiatives.

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Spring 2015 Newsletter

President’s Report - 50th Anniversary 2015 Spring Conference

What a fantastic event!

I would like to start by congratulating everyone involved in putting together the Saskatchewan Building Officials Association 2015 Spring Conference and 50th Anniversary Celebration. I want to thank the host committee for all the work they have done, the conference chair for the excellent informative agenda, and the rest of the executive, and all the other volunteers, who put the time in to put together such a tremendous celebration.

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Fall 2015 Newsletter

President’s Report - SBOA Fall Conference 2015

It’s our first time in Meadow Lake for an SBOA Conference, and the experience has been outstanding. I want to thank Neil Marsh, our local host committee team leader, and Brant Hryhorczuk, your Conference Committee director for putting on such a great event and informative and interesting agenda. Great job and thank you to our hosts!

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Fall 2014 Newsletter

President’s Report - 2014 Fall Conference

I don’t have much to report since we last met in North Battleford last spring, the past 6 months have been a write off for me. I was unable to travel to Richmond BC for the ACBOA meetings, but fortunately our vice president Chris Gates was able to cover for me and did a fine job of representing the SBOA at those meetings.

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Spring 2014 Newsletter

President’s Report - 2014 Spring Conference

Another winter has come and forgot to leave since we last met. Contrary to my predictions it was colder than and almost as snowy as last winter so I am going to predict that this summer will be shorter and colder than the last one maybe I can be completely wrong about that too. I also thought that construction might taper off a little as well but so far I am wrong about that too. The Premier should probably hire me to make those predictions.

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Fall 2013 Newsletter

President’s Report - 2013 Fall Conference

It is great to finally come to Nipawin for a SBOA conference. The agenda looks good with a nice variety of timely presentations to hear and discuss.

I have just returned from Hamilton where I met with our provincial counterparts at the ACBOA fall executive meeting. A number of items regarding training came out of the meetings. First item; Ontario’s Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing no longer develop or maintain building code training. In fact it has sent letters to various partners, such as the Ontario Building Officials Association and the Nova Scotia Building Officials Association requesting that they return all MMAH course materials.

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Spring 2013 Newsletter

President’s Report - 2013 Spring Conference

Is anybody else sick of the longest winter yet? I am starting to think that the “Game of Thrones” series is not based on fantasy.

In case you don’t follow the series; winters last several years in Westeros.

In spite of the weather we have been relatively busy in Swift Current and I hear everyone else has been working steady as well. Since we met in Saskatoon last October we have had a few things going on.

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Fall 2012 Newsletter

President’s Report - 2012 Fall Conference

Dan Knutson AScT, CCBO, President -- Since we were together in Humboldt I think we have all had a busy six months. The province keeps rolling along building like mad. I know in Swift Current we will be setting a record for number of new homes in one year as well as construction value.

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Spring 2012 Newsletter

President’s Report - 2012 Spring Conference

Dan Knutson AScT, CCBO, President -- It’s been a nice winter, in my area construction carried on relatively unhampered. Not an awful lot has happened since we met in Prince Albert last fall. The association held its annual training sessions in Saskatoon in early February albeit with a few hitches, the Part 3 training had to be cancelled at the last minute due to an instructor falling ill.

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Spring 2011 Newsletter

President’s Report - 2011 Spring Conference

Don Knutson, President -- The last time we met I started off by commenting about last year’s lousy summer so I might as well keep it going; that was one lousy long cold winter, now we can get back to normal weather?

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Fall 2010 Newsletter

President’s Report - 2010 Fall Conference

Don Knutson, President -- Wow, what a wild Summer. Almost every jurisdiction in the province felt the impact of Mother Nature, actually I think it was the evil step-mother of nature. Record rainfalls throughout the province as well as tornados and storms affected all of us. Even if you weren’t in a community that experienced...

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Spring 2010 Newsletter

President’s Report - SBOA Spring Conference

Don Knutson, President -- It has been a busy 5 months since we last met in North Battleford: In December I attended a meeting of the Public Safety Review Committee. All of our concerns had been put forward and plans were set to go forward. The concerns we brought were basically the three resolutions that the membership...

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Fall 2009 Newsletter

President’s Report – SBOA Fall Conference

Dan Knutson, President -- I have participated in a few things since my last report; further meetings of the Public Safety Review Committee (PSRC), a face to face meeting with Minister Huyghebaert, two meetings with Alliance of Canadian Building Officials Associations (ACBOA), as well as co-hosting a reception for the representatives of June 23rd, 2009.

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Spring 2009 Newsletter

President's Message

Dan Knutson, President -- We have had a busy winter, working on a few different projects. Since we were last together I have participated in several meetings and a planning session of the Public Safety Review Committee (PSRC). One of the goals of the committee is to close gaps in the public safety net that is supposed to cover the province.

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