Since its inception in 1965, SBOA has grown to include over 300 current members – active Building Officials across the province and a wide range of people involved the construction industry.

Who are Building Officials?

They are building code professionals who provide enforcement and administrative services for governments (typically municipalities) related to building permits for new construction, additions, repairs, renovations, etc. to residential, commercial, and all types of buildings.

They are not…

  • Fire inspectors who usually focus on elimination of fire hazards and maintenance of fire safety systems.
  • Home inspectors who usually work for property owners or prospective buyers and focus on property conditions.
  • Construction inspectors who usually work for design or construction companies and focus on contract compliance.
  • Quality inspectors who focus on product consistency and often work for manufacturing firms.
  • Specialist inspectors who usually focus on a specific feature, such as roofs, foundations, radon, air barriers, environmental, electrical, health and safety, and so on.
  • Assessors and appraisers who focus on building and property values.

Our Building Officials are educated, examined, and experienced in applying and enforcing building code requirements. We are experts who are familiar with your community’s needs and we are your local building code resource. Safe, accessible, code-compliant buildings in communities where we live, work, and play is our goal.

Our focus is Public Safety!


  • Is the voice of Building Officials in Saskatchewan.
  • Is recognized by municipalities and other Building Official employers.
  • Is a respected source of education and training for Building Officials.
  • Provides Building Official certification in Saskatchewan.
  • Belongs to the Alliance of Canadian Building Officials Associations (ACBOA) and is the provincial certification body for the National Certification Program.
  • Recognizes Building Official Licensing under The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act as the right-to-practice program for Building Officials in Saskatchewan.

The Silent Defender

“Nowhere will you find a museum, monument, or statue or even a plaque honoring the heroic efforts of our building inspectors. Although they have saved countless lives over the years, most people are unaware of the silent vigil over our safety.”

Excerpt from “The Silent Defender”, by Tony Falcone

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