• Chris Gates
    Chris Gates President
  • Dan Knutson
    Dan Knutson Immediate Past President
  • Ryan Shepherd
    Ryan Shepherd Vice President
  • Dale Wagner
    Dale Wagner Communications Chairperson
  • Jerry Wintonyk
    Jerry Wintonyk Membership Chairperson
  • Bob Baker
    Bob Baker Secretary
  • Lara DeRosiers
    Lara DeRosiers Certification Chairperson
  • Cynthia Starchuk
    Cynthia Starchuk Education Chairperson
  • Shenah Cartier
    Shenah Cartier Treasurer
  • Virginia Shepley
    Virginia Shepley Conference Chairperson
  • Myron Stenka
    Myron Stenka Member-At-Large (City of Regina)
  • Michelle Williamson
    Michelle Williamson Executive Director

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You can send a board member an email using the form on the contact page. We have made it easy for you by giving you a select list with the names and positions of each member.