This is a snapshot of what SBOA has accomplished in 50 years. We have a firm foundation with our members and we have partnerships with other associations and stakeholders.

We seek professionalism for our association at all times. We have made much progress in the past, and I know we are well equipped to face future challenges.

SBOA history provided by the Archival Committee, Len Semko and Greg Lawrence.



  • February – First SBOA meeting held in Regina.


  • Spring meeting in Saskatoon. Twenty-one people in attendance. Registration fee was $2. Coffee supplies for that conference were $2.57. Membership fee was set at $5 and entertainment for the conference cost $10. The president’s gavel was purchased from MacLeods for $2.99.
  • The “Around the Table – Question and Answer” portion was a great success. Sounds a lot like a Code Panel to me.
  • The Association was looking forward to raising building standards in all areas of the province. SBOA was mentioned in the June issue of the NBC news. Topics were the use of plastic pipe and the fire precautions. “Farm Building Standards” and Accessibility to the Handicapped were advisory documents. Liaison between Fire, Health and Building Departments were encouraged.
  • Fall meeting in Kindersley.
  • They elected a president, vice president, secretary-treasurer and a director.
  • New committee began gathering information regarding bylaws. SBOA was in communication with Building Officials from British Columbia, Manitoba and Ontario.
  • Mr. J.M. (Jack) Robertson, Secretary, Associate Committee of the National Building Code presented on the Pros and cons of the National Building Code in Saskatchewan. Jack contributed to our association for many years thereafter.
  • Presentations were made by Western Gypsum Products, Canadian Sheet Steel Institute, and the Canadian Wood Council.
  • Roast beef supper cost $1.75 per person and was served by the Kinettes.
  • The excursion for the next day was goose hunting (weather permitting) or a tour of the Kindersley Hospital.

Documents at this time were either typed or stenciled.


  • President of SBOA presented with a Buffalo Days hat from the Mayor of Regina.
  • Topics were the Canadian Welding Bureau, standards, qualifications, welding samples, lateral soil pressure on foundations in gumbo soils. Medicine Hat Tile and Brick Company presented on concrete Blocks for a Sheer Wall. Groups worked on case histories on Use and Occupancy.
  • Proposed changes to the City’s Act were made. Buildings costing more than $30,000 would require professional design.


  • Spring meeting in Prince Albert.
  • Motion made to obtain proper seal and a plaque to recognize members who serve on the executive.
  • Presentation by fire Chief Dale, from Swift Current. Topic was fighting fires in tall buildings. Tall buildings were referred to as buildings whose height was past the reach of a ladder.
  • Fall meeting in Swift Current.
  • The importance of training of Building Officials and taking out permits before work commences were discussed.
  • Motion was passed to have wives attend the spring meeting.


  • At the spring meeting in Lloydminster, R.J. Kucey, Solicitor, spoke on “Law and the Building Inspector”.
  • Proposed changes to the City Act were suggested – so that a only a professional design qualifies the work they are sealing.
  • Steel studs, sound control, duct insulation, new products such as asbestos cement and lath systems, problems with the drywall trade and school for building inspectors were topics discussed.
  • Yearly stickers were sent out after meeting.



  • Spring meeting in Saskatoon.
  • To rejuvenate our association and to increase membership, January 30, 1970 was designated “Be Kind to a building Official Day”. This is the first time the term Building Official was used.
  • Fall meeting in Regina.
  • Membership jumped to 23 paid members @ $10 each.
  • Metric was mentioned in the code for future use.
  • The gavel and stand went missing.
  • President was asked to provide a Kodak slide carrousel for a ULC presentation.
  • Portland Cement Association requested a 16mm projector for viewing “Fire Burnout Tests of Apartment Swelling Units”.


  • SBOA approached the Provincial Government concerning adopting the NBC as a uniform code throughout the province.
  • New lumber sizes came into effect.


  • Spring meeting in Yorkton.
  • Suggestion was made to form Western Building Officials Association to include the three Prairie Provinces.


  • Legal status and responsibilities of Building Official was discussed in light of two court cases where the Building Official was taken to court.
  • The Canadian Building Officials’ Conference was hosted in Regina.


  • Meeting in Melville.
  • Flow form foundations, (now ICF’s), use of zonolite products for fire protection of steel products, the acceptance of treated wood foundations in the code, using a weeping tile system, vapor barrier and insulation were topics discussed.
  • Motion made to send all members a copy of the constitution.


  • Meeting in Saskatoon.
  • Mr. Lou Pleasance from the Provincial Government stated that Saskatchewan was in no position to make the NBC mandatory. He also said the training of Building Officials was far too expensive. Also, if you have a Building Bylaw, you should have an inspector.
  • Motion was made to pursue an education program for Building Officials. A delegate was sent to the Canadian Building Officials Association in Montreal.
  • Our Association has 42 paid members.


  • Meeting in Regina.
  • Topics discussed were work place safety, fires in high buildings, foam plastics, factory built fireplaces and chimneys, fire safety systems, sprayed urethane foam (application, flammability and protection).
  • Mention was made of an Education Committee regarding a two day training program for Part 9 of the NBC.


  • Meeting in Saskatoon.
  • Two day seminar on Part 9 of the NBC to occur in Regina in the fall.
  • Motion made that SBOA make representation to the Minister of Labor and Minister of Municipal Affairs to adopt the National Building code as a mandatory code in Saskatchewan.


  • Spring meeting in Saskatoon.
  • Topics discussed were the concern regarding factory fireplaces and chimneys, proposed changes to the 1980 NBC and the Energy Conserving Code was introduced.
  • Regina has gone metric and Saskatoon will follow in January, 1980.
  • SBOA contacted councils of town and cities to encourage changeover.
  • 85 paid members.


  • Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act adopted by the province.
  • International Building Officials’ World Conference in Saskatoon hosted in 1984.
  • Education Committee formed for Building Official training.
  • Seal and plaque purchased in 1968 go missing.


  • SBOA was incorporated under The Non-profit Corporations Act.
  • First pilot course, “Part 9 – The House” occurred.
  • SBOA incorporated bylaws.
  • SBOA partners with Southeast Regional College to develop Building Code Training for Canadians.
  • Established a three level certification system.
  • CCBOA dissolves and ACBOA seeks registration.
  • ACBOA sets goals and objectives in areas of communication. Training giving Building Officials a national voice.
  • Discussion of “Objective Based Codes”.


  • ACBOA and CHAPI form partnership to develop Occupational Standards called CHIBO.
  • CHIBO steering committee approves two separate National Occupational Standards.
  • Task force on building construction deficiency enforcement is initiated.
  • SBOA is in support with ACBOA to proceed to Phase 2 of CHIBO.
  • Gavel, seal and plaque are found in the Temple Gardens Spa in Moose Jaw.
  • Motion made to have all executive members submit DNA sample.
  • Current president refuses cavity search.



  • Current membership stands at 300
  • Gavel gone missing once again.
  • Current membership … priceless.