On October 8, 2015, a consultation package regarding a provincial government initiative pursuing an Alternative Compliance Model for Building and Accessibility Standards (ACM) was distributed by the Chief Building Official in the Saskatchewan Ministry of Government Relations. The Government is pursuing an initiative that does not allow for any objective review of plans or on-site inspections. The current building code enforcement system will be obsolete where owners (their decision, not the Municipality’s) choose the ACM. Local Authorities will have no role or say in plan review, and the code enforcement program will not include any on-site inspections. The Local Authority’s role in “enforcement” will be reduced to chasing owners and their consultants for paper and signatures.

We have attached some information below. Our hope is that the documents and presentation of the information below will serve to explain what the Government is pursuing, and what we consider to be the issues and challenges, and what our position is when it comes to public safety.

We hope the information found on this website will assist you as you review all sides of the issues, and help you make informed decisions. Feel free to use any of the information you find here.


  1. Self-Enforcement Consultation Package
  2. SBOA – Ltr to Minster: The SBOA issued a Letter to the Minister to share some serious concerns with the platform that had been presented, in hopes of having it withdrawn and replaced with a fair and impartial presentation no openere from…
  3. Alternative Compliance Model Review: The SBOA board of directors presented the model and their concerns to the membership at the SBOA Fall Conference in Meadow Lake…
  4. Ltr to SUMA & SARM: The SBOA has provided both Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association and Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities with a letter explaining their single overlying concern for reduced ability to assure Public Safety under the new model…
  5. The Silent Defender: As an industry, we don’t typically give ourselves as much credit as we deserve. An article was written by Tony Falcone titled “Building Inspectors: The Silent Defenders” may help change how the industry see us, and how Building Officials may even see themselves.
  6. Proposed Changes to UBAS: MuniCode Services has prepared a very detailed list of concerns and possible impacts that have to be considered. Please read. We encourage any of our members who have put together information for your own Municipalities to share with all of us where you can.
  7. Letter to Design Community: Nov 4, 2015 update
  8. Response to the Alternative Compliance Model Proposal: Dec 4, 2015 update


  1. November 4, 2015

    The SBOA has been in touch with three key professional design associations to share views and information. We have reached out to them with our position stated in this letter.

  2. December 4, 2015

    On December 3rd, 2015, the Saskatchewan Building Officials Association delivered in person, our comprehensive, thoughtful, and appropriate Response to the Alternative Compliance Model proposal. Although the deadline had been extended to January 15, 2015, we felt it was very important to demonstrate our dedication to our Response, and finalized our Response a day ahead of the original deadline. Please read this document.