Many of you will recall the burn demonstrations of the wood sheds in Humboldt to demonstrate the fire resistance characteristics of a product known as MgO board. Rethinking Construction, a Saskatchewan based company provided the demonstration, and is the manufacturer of MEGRETe MgO Board. They have received their CCMC Evaluation Report, and their product is officially acceptable for use as a non-structural exterior and interior sheathing.

The attached report discusses the fact there are several non-tested or non-approved MgO products out there and what to be aware of. It discusses the evaluations and approvals for two MgO products, Rethinking’s MEGCRETe for use as a exterior and interior sheathing, and GreenE-Board for use as a tile and floor backer.

We felt this information is a good example of the value of CCMC evaluations in our industry, and to the importance of knowing what use a product is actually approved for versus what it might show up on site for use as.

As with all CCMC evaluated products, it is important that conditions, limitations and application requirements stated in the reports are clearly understood and followed.

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