SBOA believes that competence of Building Officials is built on three pillars: education, examination, and experience.

 SBOA has served as the certification body for Building Officials in Saskatchewan by issuing designations under the ACBOA National Certification Program since 2008. Six designations are available, three Associate and three Certified. ACBOA courses and examinations, used across Canada, and experience performing plan reviews and inspections are the basis for approvals. Saskatchewan applicants are offered an equivalency credit when they hold a current Building Official license of the class that is comparable to the course and examinations. Several other provincial Building Officials associations have also tailored the ACBOA Program or developed alternate qualifications and processes, resulting in certificates that may or may not be directly transferable from one province to another.

 SBOA is ready to provide and maintain a voluntary Certification Program for its members and all code users in Saskatchewan, to complement the existing provincial right-to-practice legislation. SBOA is working with the Province of Saskatchewan to earn approval as the primary examination source for both Certification and Building Official licensing, replacing existing provincial examinations. SBOA is working with ACBOA to obtain up-to-date examinations that will be used by other provinces as well. The resulting SBOA Certification Program, based on the ACBOA model, will also mean that SBOA must adopt a complete system for certifying, maintaining, recertifying, expanding and reducing the scope of certifications and suspending or withdrawing certifications under the SBOA Certification Program and the  ACBOA Program.


  • Local authorities /municipalities/Authorities Having Jurisdiction will rely on a credible, rigorous program that demonstrates a higher level of competence than licensing. Alignment with the National Certification program will provide a larger pool of qualified candidates.
  • Building Official employees and contractors will be more desirable to employers.
  • Building Officials and code users will achieve a recognizable standard of qualifications that recognizes career education and experience milestones.
  • Building officials will have an achievable, practical alternative to wide-ranging, comprehensive licensing examinations. With multiple, narrower-scope exams, building officials will be able to amass a body of knowledge equivalent to license levels.
  • The Province will have the option of accepting an alternate qualification route upon which to grant licences.
  • Building officials will have enhanced interprovincial mobility. Saskatchewan licences are not currently recognized in other association certification programs.