Exam Writing Process


  1. Arranges a location, date and time to write the exam with the Southeast College (Approved Writing Centres)
  2. Registers and pays for the exam on the ACBOA Website (SBOA Portal)

ACBOA Captus Exam Portal

  1. Payment receipt is sent to the student immediately by email
  2. Sends student registration email with the user code (typically a few days before the exam)
  3. Carbon copies (‘CC’) the Southeast College on the registration email with the proctor code

Southeast College

The Southeast College provides the proctor code to the exam writing location


  1. Writes the exam at the exam writing location, as was arranged
  2. Enters the user code (the invigilator will enter the proctor code)

ACBOA Captus Exam Portal

Immediately emails the exam results to the user and the Southeast College (the permanent record holder)

Certification Application Process


  1. Requests his or her transcript of marks from the Southeast College (fee to be determined)
  2. Completes the SBOA certification form
  3. Submits the form, transcript and all other required documents to the SBOA office (include payment) and forwarded to the Certification Chair

SBOA Certification Committee

  1. Applications are reviewed
  2. The applicants’ status and designation are determined
  3. The student is notified and issued a certificate if “Certified” or “BCQ”
  4. Records are permanently held at the SBOA office by the Executive Director
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