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This forum is these building professionals

Building Officials

This forum will let you consider emerging HVAC solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s homes, both in terms of equipment and air distribution. It will provide you with guides you can consider as you review installations in today’s housing.

Builders and renovators

This forum will help you deliver greater comfort throughout your more challenging homes during summer heat waves, cold winter spells, and all the part-load conditions in-between. It will introduce guides you can use when coordinating work with home designers, window suppliers, HVAC designers, and HVAC contractors. It will help you make sure that you get advice on the items you need from each of these experts. It will also provide you with four case study mechanical solutions for a challenging home.

Designers and contractors

This forum provides new guides you can use to design and specify HVAC systems for today’s housing. You can use them to quickly verify design decisions with builders and renovators so you can proceed with your design expediently. Innovative solutions using different types of gas mechanical systems will also be reviewed.




$60 + GST. Includes lunch.

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