Canada’s Constitution gives the ten provinces and three territories jurisdiction over construction. Some cities also have this authority through a special relationship with their provincial authority. To enact building and fire regulations, the provinces, territories, and municipalities pass legislation that references the relevant Codes Canada publications or provincial code.

The provincial and territorial authorities having jurisdiction are responsible for:

  • adopting and enforcing laws and regulations
  • providing interpretation of such laws and regulations
  • providing training and education in such laws and regulations
  • establishing roles and responsibilities of trades people and professionals.

The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act (the UBAS Act) provides the legislative framework for the application of building and accessibility standards.

Application of building and accessibility standards is a shared responsibility.

  • The building owner is responsible to comply with building and accessibility standards.
  • The local authority (municipality) is responsible for administration and enforcement of the standards.
  • The Government of Saskatchewan is responsible for the legislative and regulatory framework, as well as high-level policy, concerning the standards.
  • Licensed building officials work for the municipality.
  • Professional designers (i.e., registered architects and professional engineers) work for the building owner.

Source: Building Standards and Licensing
Saskatchewan Ministry of Government Relations