Don Knutson, President — The last time we met I started off by commenting about last year’s lousy summer so I might as well keep it going; that was one lousy long cold winter, now we can get back to normal weather?

The Saskatchewan Building Official’s Association (SBOA) was busy this past winter:

We held our annual week long training session in February which was well attended. It is great to see the continued support for the training program. Chad Freeland did an excellent job of putting the session together. We thought we would try running the training in Regina to see what kind of support we could get here, while we had a good turnout most of the people who attended would have preferred Saskatoon for its more central location.

We were once again invited to join with Corrections, Public Safety and Policing at the SUMA and SARM Conference tradeshows. We set up displays and provided information to the delegates about SBOA and the role of building officials. Chris, Jerry, Gary, Dale, Len and myself took turns manning the booth, It was a great opportunity to get the SBOA’s name out there.

Chad Freeland has been working with South East Regional College to upgrade our BCTC course as well as working on upgrading the exams.

Todd Russell represented us at the recent Saskatchewan Emergency Planners Association conference offering a building officials perspective on the post flood work performed by building officials in several Saskatchewan Communities last summer.

Chris Gates has been busy researching and developing a code of ethics for the SBOA, we will present a finished version for your approval at next fall’s conference. Please review a draft copy of the “Code of Ethics” available on the SBOA web site.

The SBOA’s fall conference will be held in Prince Albert on October 26, 27 & 28 at the Prince Albert Inn.

At this conference we are working together with Building Standards branch to present a program designed to prepare members for the Class 2 exam. It is one of the SBOA’s key mandates to promote and facilitate the personal growth of our members.

A concern that has been brought forward on more than one occasion is the current format of the Class 2 and 3 exams and the process to acquire class 2 and 3 licenses. It is the SBOA’s position that neither exam provides a true measurement of a person’s competencies as a building official. The exams are more of a test of frustration and reading speed more than anything else. We will continue to push our concerns forward in an effort to find a common solution to this serious issue.

This conference has also been combined with the Alliance of Canadian Building Offi cials Association’s spring meetings. It is our pleasure to have with us this week representatives from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia. I would also like to recognize a few members of the ACBOA executive who are stepping down after a long association with ACBOA, John Jackson from New Brunswick, John Barnes from Manitoba and Terry Hewitson from Ontario as well as Mannie Withrow from Nova Scotia who has served as President of ACBOA and will now move to role as chairman.

I would like to thank Councillor O’Donnell’s for his presence and welcome this morning.

I would also like to thank Chad Freeland and Todd Russell for their work putting together another fine conference. Let us know if you are interested in running for a position on the executive.

Remember this executive works for you so please give us your opinions and suggestions.

Newsletter Spring 2011 (Full)