Dan Knutson AScT, CCBO, President — It’s been a nice winter, in my area construction carried on relatively unhampered.

Not an awful lot has happened since we met in Prince Albert last fall. The association held its annual training sessions in Saskatoon in early February albeit with a few hitches, the Part 3 training had to be cancelled at the last minute due to an instructor falling ill. We felt that it was already too late in the season to try to reorganize another session date this winter or spring. This incident high-lights a serious need for more local trainers. I hope we can attract a few more people to become trainers. I want to thank Chad Dale and Chris for running the Part 9 sessions.

I at tended the SUMA convention and trade show on behalf of the SBOA. As you know the Ministry of Corrections Public Safety and Policing very generously provides the SBOA with space within their booths, I would like to thank Bill Hawkins once again for their support. We were also granted space at the SARM conference but unfortunately we weren’t able to attend, Chris was able to set up our display so our name was there at least. If anyone is able to spare a few hours to work at these conference trade shows please let us know. Next year’s conventions are both in Saskatoon.

This Spring Vice-President Chris Gates and I will be attending the spring meetings of the Alliance of Canadian Building Official Associations in Halifax, and next fall we will be attending the fall sessions in Sudbury. At ACBOA we continue to work towards creating a common level of training, and code enforcement for all Canadian Building Officials. We are also creating strategies to raise the profile and the value of Building Officials.

I would like to remind you once again that it will be election time again at next fall’s SBOA conference in Saskatoon. We have asked Doug Mulhall to act as nominating chairman for this year’s elections. I encourage anyone that is interested in taking a position on the executive to let Doug know by phone or email that you are interested. As you know I will be stepping down next fall and as well LeRoy is also stepping down so we know for sure that we need at least two new faces on our executive.

As always this is your SBOA so if have any suggestions or concerns please let us know. Thank you and I hope we will see you in Saskatoon in the fall.

Newsletter Spring 2012 (Full)