We are very pleased to be back in Swift Current for our 2019 Fall Conference. I believe Swift Current has played host to the SBOA show 6 times before this event, going way back to the fall of 1968.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our host, Cindy Starchuk, our Conference Chair Virginia Shepley, as well as the rest of the organizing committee. Both Cindy and Virginia have worked extremely hard at putting together the agenda and the venue, and they deserve our gratitude.

One of the roles I fulfil on your behalf of you is representation at the National Alliance of Canadian Building Officials Associations. And I hope it is becoming very clear to everyone in our industry in Saskatchewan, that having a national group, and being long-term contributors to that group is bringing very real benefits and returns. We would not be able to offer our members, or the government, a new certification program, and a better way to practice as a Building Official without these partnerships.

The Alliance of Building Officials from across Canada began a long time ago with a vision for Safer Buildings in Canada. And that vision has led to the development of a national certification program, national training programs, and a national exam database, amongst other significant tools.

Building Officials from across Canada have worked alongside us, supported us, and helped develop a path for the Certification of Building Officials in Saskatchewan.

And ACBOA has a new member. FNNBOA, The First Nations National Building Officers Association has become a full participating member of the Alliance. This is a group of Building Officials, who do much more than code enforcement, and who have the same need for training and certification as any other Building Official in Canada. Becoming a member of the ACBOA is a significant win for everyone. FNNBOA will benefit from national partnerships, training, and certification. And for ACBOA, who has always strived to be the national voice for Building Officials, this partnership will help fill voids in that claim, and bring a truer representation for its members.

As I always say, we have great partners and great partnerships.

And of course, your SBOA team will continue to work towards our association objectives and to help our members be better Building Officials. So at this time, I’d like to thank our hard-working board of directors and committee chairs who work tirelessly to ensure we are moving in the right direction – as always, that is on many fronts.

And we continue to have many challenges in front of us today. Administering, and developing a shiny new Certification Program for Building Officials, supported and templated by associations across the country. Preparing for a response from Building Officials and discussions on a historic event, the review of our Act. Continuing to deliver not one, but two informative and vital conferences a year for your Professional Development. Delivering formal, code training opportunities every year at our Winter Training Week. And working every day for our members, to help them be better Building Officials.

I am very proud and privileged to be part of such an engaged, ambitious, and bright team of Building Officials, who work so hard to make sure the world of Building Officials in Saskatchewan is always improving, and always moving forward.

I assure you your association continues to work towards many goals and on many initiatives.

Chris Gates, LBO-3, A.Sc.T., CRBO
Saskatchewan Building Officials Association

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